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  • Twostriped Shovelsnout (Prosymna bivittata) by @DSB Twostriped Shovel...
  • Karoo Sand Snake (Psammophis notostictus) by @trainmaster Karoo Sand Snake
  • African Darter (Anhinga rufa) by @Wildlifeinmygarden African Darter
  • Spotted Harlequin Snake (Homoroselaps lacteus) by @WallyPetersen Spotted Harlequin...
  • Spotted bush snake (Philothamnus semivariegatus) by @Wildlifeinmygarden Spotted bush snake

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Cape robin-chat (Bird) Spotted 28 days ago captured by @SafariRuss
Cape White-eye (Bird) Spotted about 1 month ago captured by @SafariRuss
Leopard (Mammal) Spotted 2 months ago captured by @Bradley
Boomslang (Reptile) Spotted 2 months ago captured by @SafariRuss
Kelp Gull (Bird) Spotted 2 months ago captured by @SafariRuss
Brown House Snake (Reptile) Spotted 6 months ago captured by @Wildlifeinmygarden
Cape Dwarf Burrowing Skink (Reptile) Spotted 6 months ago captured by @maddieray133
Common Brown Water Snake (Reptile) Spotted 7 months ago captured by @WallyPetersen
Spotted Eagle-Owl (Bird) Spotted 8 months ago captured by @WallyPetersen
Hadeda Ibis (Bird) Spotted 8 months ago captured by @WallyPetersen

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